February 28, 2018
It was such a pleasure to work with Renewable Design Associates. Mr. Alan Watts has done wonderful job to complete one of our US Navy projects in Bahrain. His hands on experience helped us to complete both TQ & DFAC building Solar water system testing & commissioning very comfortably and it went as we planned. Looking forward to work again in future projects.

Jeff Deal

October 11, 2017

RDA’s field-tested, real world renewable energy expertise is matched only by their courteous, can-do professionalism.  I look forward to our next project with Renewable Design Associates.

Brad Gillman

July 14, 2016

I have had the pleasure of working with RDA on a very large Solar Thermal Project. RDA was asked to step in midway through the project and they did a phenomenal job. Their years of experience, in design, engineering, and installation made them a great asset to our customer. We look forward to continued relationship with them in the future.

Geoffrey Barton

July 14, 2016

Renewable Design Associates has been a pleasure to work with. Their expertise in renewable energy have helped us realize the benefits of pairing affordable housing with renewable energy. RDA has helped us maximize our return on investment by evaluating options and calibrating our system for optimal performance. RDA installed a solar hot water system that is virtually maintenance-free, and will help keep our utility costs low for years to come, amplifying the benefit of MHO’s affordable housing in the community.