Less than a month ago, New Belgium Brewery out of Colorado announced that they’d be coming to the River Arts District in Asheville, NC.  This is following an announcement earlier this year that Sierra Nevada Brewing Company would be coming to the area as well.


This is exciting for a number of reasons– not only will these breweries enhance the already wonderful beer culture in the area, they’ll also bring hundreds of jobs to Western North Carolina.  


Another element to be excited about is the commitment both of these breweries have made to the environment.


Sierra Nevada has great deal of Renewable Energy at its current facility in Chino, California, including fuel cells and large Photovoltaic (solar electric) arrays which provide a substantial amount of energy on-site.  Additionally, they have plans for expansion that show they are a rather forward-thinking group.  Check out their environment page at sierranevada.com to read more about these and other projects.


New Belgium is known for its commitment to human-powered transportation, as well as its commitment to offsetting all energy consumption with wind power.  They also do a lot to promote community and sustainability for their employees.  In fact, years ago I had the opportunity to present at a sustainability fair put on for employees and their families at their Ft. Collins, CO Brewery as part of an internship I had with an energy efficiency organization.  Read more about them at newbelgiumbrewing.com.


Needless to say, Renewable Design Associates is excited to see both of these companies come to our hometown area.  Personally, I can’t wait to learn more about their plans to incorporate renewable energy into their facilities.  I’m hoping that they consider Solar Thermal in their plans– not only to supplement the large amounts of hot water used in the process, but because of the options for solar thermal driven chillers for their cooling processes.  There are some pretty interesting options out there, and it is worth looking into early in the process!


If you have questions about how solar thermal or other renewable energies can enhance your brewery (or business, school, factory, etc…), please contact us!